The L.A. Downtown Industrial District Business Improvement District (BID) was formed in 1998 by the Central City East Association (CCEA). CCEA is a 501(c)(6) not-for-profit business corporation – the principal advocate for property owners, businesses, employees and residents on 46 blocks of Downtown Los Angeles. CCEA administers the L.A. Downtown Industrial Business Improvement District (BID), spanning the area from San Pedro Street to Alameda; 3rd to 8th and a portion of Olympic Blvd.

L.A Downtown Industrial District (LADID) BID is widely recognized as the leading advocate for improving the public safety and maintenance of the industrial area by deploying public safety ambassadors and cleaning teams. LADID is managed by a board of property and business owners.

Property owners contribute over $2 million annually to support LADID programs and services, and a 3-member management team directs the day-to-day operations.

For a detailed look at the district boundaries please view the district map in the  “BID Map tab below”.

AECOM Planning Study

Enhanced Safety Programs:

Provide safety services in the form of patrolling bicycle personnel, and nighttime vehicle patrol.  The purpose of the Safe Team Program is to prevent, deter and report illegal activities taking place on the streets, sidewalks, storefronts, parking parcels and alleys.

Clean Programs:

The clean program consistently deals with cleaning issues throughout the District with a multi-dimensional approach consisting of sidewalk cleaning, trash collection, graffiti removal, illegal dumping removal, weed abatement, tree trimming, and pressure washing.

Economic Development/Communication:

It is important to not only provide services needed in the District, but to tell the story of improvement. A special benefit to the parcels in the District is a likelihood of increased lease rates and tenant occupancy due to the increased commercial activity of new customers attracted to the District by the communication on the website, in newsletters, and events. Some of the economic development/communications programs in place are image and communication programs, quarterly newsletter, public and media relations, market research, investment and buyer attraction programs, and the website.

Special Programs:

  • Trash containers and banners
  • Business Trade Directory
  • Assist in promoting local events


Estela Lopez, Executive Director

Jesse Ramirez, Communication Dispatcher

Board of Directors

Mark Shinbane – Chair
Ore-Cal Corporation/Fisherman Outlet

Matt Klein – Vice-Chair
HBK Investments/Triangle Plaza

Ernie Doizaki – Secretary
American Fish & Seafood Company

Dilip Bhavnani – Treasurer
Legendary Developments, LLC

Andrew J. Bales
Union Rescue Mission

Drew Bauer
Young’s Market Company

Richard Gardner
L.A. Wholesale Produce Market

Carolyn Leslie
Atlas Capital

Howard Klein
Ocean Beauty Seafood

Larry Rauch – Immediate Past Chair
Los Angeles Cold Storage

Bob Smiland
Inner City Arts

Charlie Woo – Chariman Emeritus
Mega Toys


* Board of Director Meetings are bimonthly
* Meeting location: 725 S. Crocker Street LA, CA 90021

Agenda: June 18, 2018

Board meetings are bimonthly.