A greater alarm fire tore through a major mixed-use building on San Pedro St. between 7th & Agatha St., consuming several businesses on the ground floor and residential units above.  The fire on June 22 was covered live by several local news outlets.  Our BID public safety officers were captured on video running inside the building to ensure all merchants and residents had evacuated safely.  After the BID officers had escorted multiple people to safety, one resident alerted BID Officer Sergio Calderon that children might still be inside one of the apartments.  Calderon rushed up the stairway now filled with smoke and found one teenager and two small children still inside their apartment.  The teen and one child made their way downstairs accompanied by Off. Calderon, who was carrying the youngest child.  Other BID officers continued assisting with traffic and crowd control outside the building.

Firefighters were still battling the flames as the evacuated tenants and residents stood outside in fear and confusion.  BID staff was in contact with Council District 14 staff and were soon joined by Councilman Kevin de Leon, who provided the evacuees with assurances of help.  The BID office was nearby and became the evacuation center for anyone affected by the fire.  De Leon and his staff provided support throughout the day and evening, arranging for the Red Cross to bring help to the evacuees and ultimately finding emergency lodging for those who had nowhere to go.

The BID deeply appreciates the LA City firefighters, the Red Cross, and especially Councilman de Leon and his staff for ensuring the evacuees were safe and protected.  And we honor BID officers Calderon, Samedy Em, and Oscar Manjarrez, who risked their own safety to save the lives of the people who were inside the burning structure, dispatcher Off. Alexis Cooper who coordinated all radio traffic during the emergency and contacted City firefighters, and Off. Antonio Lopez who assisted the evacuees late into the night.


This article is unpublished.