You see them daily: the dedicated crews assigned to clean and sanitize the sidewalks in our BID area. These teams are collectively known as Operation Healthy Streets (OHS), and for nearly a decade have been doing their best to address the public health challenges that come with being the center of the nation’s homelessness crisis. OHS is comprised of City workers from Sanitation, Transportation and LAPD. They are joined by outreach workers from the LA Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA). The BID hosted a luncheon to show that OHS’s efforts do not go unnoticed or unappreciated. The Grass Room, a unique special event venue in our BID, served as a beautiful backdrop for the luncheon. Councilmember de Leon and LA Public Works Commissioner Teresa Villegas stopped by to offer their support and thanks. The BID was represented by Board Chairman Mark Shinbane and Board members Larry Rauch and Sergio Moreno. The City personnel were truly grateful for the recognition, and the BID was delighted to give them a sincere “thank you” for all they do for our area.

Watch the live coverage of the event on the City of LA's local cable access channel.

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