The campaign to keep the Industrial District BID serving our community is entering its final phase. Ballots have been mailed to every property owner in the district. Returning them by mail before June 1 ensures that your voice will be heard. The BID will expire on December 31 unless it is renewed by the support of property owners.

Why should YOU vote to renew the BID?

In the first 3 months of 2021 alone we have provided the following services:

  • Our Clean Team picked up 651 tons of trash from sidewalks and gutters (a 30% increase over last quarter)
  • We responded to 993 calls for on-demand pressure washing of sidewalks (a 20% increase over same period last year)
  • Our Safety Team responded to 638 calls for service, primarily for doorway or driveway access

Without the BID, who will do this?  The City is not going to fill the void.  In fact, the City is more restrained now than at any time in history.

Despite the BID’s best efforts, we know that our district is not safe and not clean.  That is the result of City policies on homelessness.  We understand that you deserve better.  The people on the street deserve better. 

The BID is your voice on this and many other issues.  We bridge the gap between you and City Hall.  Our staff has relationships with City departments and can help you and your business. 
But without the BID, who will do this?


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