November’s I-10 Freeway fire and subsequent week-long closure had a devastating affect on many of our District businesses. Traffic gridlock throughout the area meant customers couldn’t get in, deliveries couldn’t get out, and losses piling up by the day. Mayor Karen Bass immediately stepped in with teams from her Office of Business and Economic Development to ensure that grant and loan programs would be available to affected businesses. The Mayor announced these relief efforts at a November 17 press conference at Why Nuts, a food supplier located on Kohler St. To make it easier for merchants to access these programs, Councilmember Kevin de Leon established a temporary City Resource Center in the Industrial District with the support of Young’s Holdings, one of our BID’s founding member businesses. Youngs opened the way for multiple City departments and non-profit organizations to use its Central Avenue location to meet directly with business owners and help them apply for aid. The BID is immensely grateful to Mayor Bass and Councilmember de Leon for their immediate response to this economic emergency.

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