This past June 14, NBC TV aired an 11 minute video newscast, An Everyday Challenge: Tackling Trash Cleanup on Skid Row. Through long-range aerial shots and personal close-ups, the program documented the tremendous challenge we face in the District every day, featuring the efforts of our diligent maintenance and security professionals on the front lines.

As NBC pointed out, the 49-square-block area around Skid Row contains about 2,000 homeless encampments. Six days a week the Industrial District BID, through its maintenance partner Chrysalis and the BID’s security team, tackles the monumental task of cleaning up as well as separating personal property from trash with the goal of improving the health and safety of the District’s businesses and the homeless people dwelling here.

The video has been posted on other BID websites and circulated on social media by the International Downtown Association, the LAPD, and others.



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