The BID’s public safety and maintenance teams are stocked with fire extinguishers to rapidly address small debris or tent fires before they become a larger threat to life and property. All our BID vehicles carry extinguishers, and this quarter we equipped our bike officers with smaller, more portable versions. With our eyes on the streets, we frequently are the first to spot fires left behind by individuals cooking or using open flames to keep warm. Often, mentally unstable individuals start fires using trash or clothing.

If you notice a fire, call 911 immediately.

And in case you missed it, in our newsletter last quarter we highlighted our work with journalists to expose the widening health and safety risks to our stakeholders due to the conditions on our sidewalks, including fires. Channel 4 worked closely with the BID to exposed the plight of two of our BID property owners who faced the prospect of losing their fire insurance coverage due to the fire threat posed by encampments.

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