The Industrial District BID regularly tracks a number of security and maintenance statistics, with selected indicators. As we move into 2019 we can track our total statistics throughout 2021.

Trash Removal

In 2020 we removed a total of 116,466 bags of trash, weighing 1,739 tons.

On average the trash removal was highest during the Q4 months, October, November, and December, when the monthly average of trash removed was 10,992 bags, or about 164 tons.


Pressure Wash Requests

The BID provides pressure washing services upon request, to mitigate public health hazards from bodily fluids and waste on sidewalks and in business doorways. In 2020 the BID received a total of 3,578 pressure wash requests. The most requests were placed from July through September, where the average monthly requests numbered 349.



Graffiti Requests

Also during 2020, the BID responded to 9,317 graffiti removal requests. The highest number of requests was seen in the first three months of the year, where the average monthly requests were just under 954.


Public Safety Incidents

The BID responded to 2,664 public safety incidents during 2020. July through September saw the highest rates of reported incidents, where the average monthly incidents reported numbered 279.



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