Councilmember Kevin de León has secured $47.5 million in a State grant for a bicycle connectivity and pedestrian safety program for Skid Row and the surrounding area, making it the largest infrastructure grant in the community’s history. Of the total amount, $38.599 million will come from State funds while $8.967 million will be a local match from the City.

This project will dramatically enhance safety in our Industrial District. The project will include more than 2.4 miles of critical bicycle infrastructure, 500 street trees and more than 540 pedestrian lights. Of particular interest to the BID are the crosswalks that will enhance pedestrian safety, especially adjacent to education centers in the District. The project also widens sidewalks in the Pinata District and creates new bicycle connections from San Pedro St. to adjacent bike facilities such as the 11th Street bike lanes.

A construction timeline will be announced later this year. Learn more at:

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