Meet Haily Zaki, the Co-founder of LA Design Festival

All eyes are on design this month as the 9th edition of the LA Design Festival takes over the city of angels. A big thanks to the creative mind of co-founder Haily Zaki. We took time to dig into the mastermind behind the one-of-a-kind festival which highlights local talent and shines a spotlight on all things design. 

With several years in the design world, Haily merged her passion for the industry and her talent in communications—running her own communications agency Secret Agent—to bring the concept to life. The city-wide festival highlights the lively pulse of the creative community and brings together talent throughout LA for a few days of featured installations, conversations, and galleries.

Haily Zaki
Haily Zaki

“The design culture in LA has always been really vibrant but everyone kind of worked in their own spheres. It seemed unthinkable that in a city as creative and talented as LA that there was no collective moment on the calendar where everyone got together. So, as kind of a social experiment, we created that moment,” Haily let us know. That “social experiment” has since then grown into LA’s official design festival and has elevated LA into the global design city that it is. 

Along with a small production team of five staff members and three interns, Haily worked hard, “to create a platform with low barriers to entry that would allow designers and consumers to interact and connect in a more experimental way and to create something fun and inclusive.”

LA Design Festival Crew
LA Design Festival Crew

Angelinos can enjoy the LA Design Festival starting June 20 with events and immersive experiences spanning everywhere between Santa Monica to Downtown. The official kick-off to the festival will take place right here in the Industrial District as it plays host to the LA Design Festival Design Block Party on Friday, June 21st at ROW DTLA—join Haily and the team for a night of design collaborations, installations, exhibitions, live music, food and drinks!

Block Party (Image by CHUDO NOMI)

9th Annual LA Design Festival
June 20-23, 2019
More info here

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