We thank the Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation (LASAN) and their hard-working teams for addressing the mountains of trash and health hazards on the sidewalks of our District.  After an 18-month absence, LASAN resumed its Operation Healthy Streets (OHS) cleanups in September.  These teams remove soiled materials, rotting garbage and human waste from sidewalks made impassible by ever-growing encampments.  Sidewalks are then washed and sanitized.  Persons within the encampments are provided information they can use to connect to services and shelter. 

The cleanups require full street closures, and we thank our stakeholders for their cooperation during these closures.  These cleanups cover approximately two-thirds of our BID district.  For any trash or health hazards outside the OHS zone, please contact the BID Public Safety and Maintenance dispatch desk at 213-338-8484, ext. 210.

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