We are extremely grateful for the support of Captain Elaine Morales, Central Area Captain since 2020. Capt. Morales championed an exceptional working relationship with all of the BIDs downtown, and we now congratulate her on her promotion to Commander, Operations Valley  Bureau.  The Bureau oversees seven LAPD stations and encompasses 226 square miles, the largest geographic bureau in the Department. We wish her all the best and we thank her for her commitment to downtown.






We now also welcome our new Central Area Captain, Raul Jovel.  A 27-year LAPD veteran, Capt. Jovel most recently served as Commanding Officer of Rampart Patrol Division and as the Assistant Commanding Officer of the Department’s specialized Force Investigation Division. Prior to that, he was Detective Commanding Officer at Newton Division, where he worked closely with us to target crime in the southern portion of our BID. Capt. Jovel, we are delighted to see you again and to welcome you to Central!

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