We’ve seen an increasing number of streetlights in our district go dark, primarily caused by vandalism of copper wire theft. As the price of precious metals goes up, so do the number of incidents of tampered light poles. This is not a new phenomenon, but during the first quarter of this year we documented nearly 40% of the lights in our area not working! BID staff regularly submits service requests to the City’s 311 app, but the backlog of streetlights awaiting repair is so massive that it takes a minimum of 45 days for crews to respond. That is the reason that in January Councilmember Kevin de Leon dedicated funding for the LAPD to create a Copper Wire Task Force. This will help police track down vandals as well as recycling centers that buy stolen copper.

If a streetlight needs repair, call 311 or use the 311 app.

If you have information on theft of copper wire or establishments that accept and pay for stolen copper wire, LAPD would like to hear from you. Send your tips to copperwiretips@lapd.online.

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