It’s a pleasure to welcome two new faces to our Industrial District Community. 

Rev. Choi Ki was recently named senior pastor at Centenary United Methodist Church, located at 300 S. Central Ave.  Centenary is currently celebrating its  125th anniversary of serving our community, and we wish Rev. Ki, his staff and congregation best wishes on this momentous occasion, and thank them for their continued presence here in the heart of our City.

Shelby Williams-Gonzalez is the new CEO at Inner City Arts, located at 720 Kohler Street.  Shelby is a native Angeleno who has committed more than 20 years to the fields of art, arts education, and youth empowerment.  Founded in 1989, Inner-City Arts offers a safe, creative space in our District where more than 200,000 children have come to create and explore. Inner-City Arts provides quality arts instruction for students from underserved communities, integrated arts workshops for educators, and programming designed for the community at the Rosenthal Theater on campus.


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