During these uncertain times, our Clean and Safe teams are still on the job doing our very best to respond the unprecedented need.

Most of the businesses in our District remain closed in keeping with City and County directives. Our food supply chain businesses and social service providers remain open.

LAPD reports an increase in burglaries. Suspects are taking advantage of empty streets and businesses. Owners need to take extra steps to secure their doors/roll-up gates. Locks are being easily cut by thieves.

Our Safe Team is providing extra patrol during daytime hours. We care about your safety and the safety of your business.

We are also seeing an increase in vandalism and graffiti. Our Clean Team is doing its best to keep up with taggings throughout the BID.

Our teams are keeping safe social distancing, and we are providing extra sanitation at our Field Office in an effort to keep our dedicated crew healthy.

We hope you are also staying well. Please contact our Clean & Safe Dispatch Desk at 213-228-8484, ext. 210 if there’s anything we can do for you or your business.


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